Empowering the youths of Liberia

Liberia schoolgirls

Liberia, a nation once called the sweat land of Liberty and the small America of Africa, for centuries as the result of the agonies of war, poverty, and the  devilished Ebola virus that took the lives of thousands of men, women and children.  It’s fair to say that Liberians are among the world most hopeful and inspiration people. It’s also fair to say if hope was a mountain; the people of Liberia have never lost the courage and willingness in starving for the top. Among the millions of Liberians who end each day with a dream of a better Liberia, there is a large populace of youths whose abilities to become contributive citizens where denier by the instabilities of peace and 14 years of civil war.


Our organization is undertaking a project in Bong County, Liberia where we are constructing
the first public library. This library will help over 100.000 residents of Bong County. It will
especially help the many school age children who are left with just the hope and dream of better
educational opportunities as a result of the civil war and the Ebola epidemic. Unfortunately, it is
quite challenging in these dire economic times for a nonprofit corporation program such as ours to
get the tools necessary to help foster our vision for this project. That is why we are asking for your
help in donating unwanted computers and accessories that will help us complete the computer and
resource section of the library.